Dear Reader,

I have been dreaming of marrying Guddi ever since childhood. No, I didn’t love her back then. I wanted to marry her simply because all my friends were married (child marriage!), and I didn’t want to lag behind.

Now, I love her deeply. But for her, marriage is a three-ring circus—engagement ring, wedding ring and suffering. More so, I’ve run away from her a couple of times for my atonement. But every time, life has dragged me back to her.

In running after love and peace, I forgot to live!

A mesmerizing anecdote about following your heart, Love & Peace is about my fight, with fate and life to achieve what I had set my heart on.

Come, join my journey and rediscover yourself.

Love and Peace,



‘What is love?’

‘Love is the earning I do in order to move further every day. It’s the source of feeding my soul to live a day more, in order to continue my journey and pursuit my dream—that is you. For me, love is you.’

Why do you love me so much, Raju?’

‘Why don’t you love me so much, Guddi? Leave—so much. Simply—why don’t you?’

‘That’s not the answer.’

‘Still. Answer me first.

‘Simply, why don’t I?’ she wondered. ‘Simply . . . I simply don’t,’ she answered.

‘So do I,’ he smiled. ‘I simply do.’

She sat silent. He added:

‘I love you so much coz this is how I am, and coz this is the only way I know of loving, in which I breathe to take a step more to reach out to you, and to show you my love by all means, so purely that when you smile a curve comes to my lips and when you are in pain my heart bursts out and yells for nothing, but destroying the entire world. Above all, loving you this much gives me peace.’