In the era of modernization, the word love has lost its meaning to lust. A Feeling Beyond Words is a quintessence to prove that true love stories still exist in this lustful world.

A story of a boy always thinking over someone he loved. Waiting for her and loving her till his last breath. He is vulnerable, sad, broken and alone despite being surrounded by many. Then enters a girl with an angelic heart, promising to be together, forever. And by the time that boy recovers from the past that caused him much pain and isolation, tragedy plays another tough game, wounding him forever.

Now, he is in search of a few unanswered questions

- Can the true meaning of life be found by falling for a right person

- What happens when it’s a competition between three most extraordinary powers - love, life and fate?

- Is it correct for you to spend whole of your life struggling, waiting, for the love that might never return?


Hey love!

When I saw you first,

With your beautiful smile on your face,

Since then I love you,

Like no one loved you,

Like I never loved anyone before,

And I wish you to see

My love was enough for you and me.

From the moment I started loving you

From that moment my meaning of life changed.

I reshuffled my entire way of living

And got a transformation to me.

I did it coz of you

Coz I love you.

By laughing and crying with me

By sharing every moment of life

You made my life so convenient

You have made me discover what lies in me

You’re truly an inspiration, my life

I wouldn’t have been able to face the world without you.

But that dark day you couldn’t take it anymore

And decided to leave me alone.

Since then I writhe.

It’s hard to remember how I’ve felt all this years

But what a miracle it is,

Still I love you.

Time always kills the pain, but it’s opposite to me

Years passed by and still days are not easy.

Lifelong I’ll think of you

When I feel lonely I turn off the lights and at dark

Again I think of you.

Today I feel same so I do it again.

Resuscitate my aching heart and soul

For I can’t take it anymore

Having lost loved ones in my life I realize

This life is of no use without love.

Beg you for the courage you provide

To live through the times since you left

And this I plead not only for me

But for all beautiful people who are in love

Dying for what I writhe.

If you can’t, then call me to you

So that you and I never be part

Coz I know my fate

Sooner or later we have to be together

So why not be it today, this very moment.

Coz I can’t resist anymore

Coz I love you

And coz you’re the only reason I believe in love.

He chants.

He walks and walks and walks. He keeps on walking.

It’s morning—the arrival of a new day. Air is moving, greenery all around, trees waving, birds singing, overcast dense black clouds—thundering and drizzling. Children are having fun of the first shower of chilled winter. Pedestrians cross by, some simply with smiling faces, some in hurry, colliding here and there, still rushing, trying to fetch themselves as quick as they can to their destination. Vehicles are moving on road, making loud noise. Still—silence overcasts in His heart. For Him, everything is normal, for He is sauntering in nature’s beauty thinking of His love.

Thinking of His sunny day, He moves on.

He reaches His house. He goes to His music room, turns His laptop on, plays a long playlist of best slow romantic songs, lies on bed, inserts earpiece into His ears, closes His eyes and loses Himself back over to memories which once where spent moments—that transformed Him.