Qais AK, also known as Abhishek Kothari, is an Indian Bestselling writer in the English Language, widely known for his debut novel A Feeling Beyond Words.

Early Life

Qais was born in Dehradun, India. After completing his schooling from Raja Ram Mohan Roy Academy, he later shifted to Jalandhar, Punjab to study Engineering at Lovely Professional University. It was his own highs-and-lows in life that inspired him to write. During schooldays he developed a habit of writing songs and letters, something he never forwarded to the one he had written for. However thinking she’ll be moved, years later, he wrote his first book to show her what love is to him.

“It is love that has continued to sustain me to this day, though one sided, it has always been positive and I have never felt low,” he said in interviews, “I had written the novel for someone I love but the girl has not responded ever since.”

Writing Career

Qais started writing journals when he was in Grade 10 and that developed his interest in writing. After completing his intermediate, while home at the summer after appearing for boards and before attending the college, he penned down his first novel Triloser that was never published.”

Then he wrote his second, also first published novel, A Feeling Beyond Words. The novel was written in the first year of college and published in 2010 by Delhi based Srishti Publishers. At that time Qais was in his second year of Engineering.

The novel soon became the Bestseller.

Love & Peace is his second novel, a romantic fiction about a fight of a man to achieve what he had set his heart on and to make it all happen that he truly believed in. Apart from writing, Qais has interest in sketching portraits. Based on the theory by acclaimed psychologist Dr John Holland, Qais has counseled students in Punjab and Uttrakhand to help them in fixing their future courses after intermediate. Also he has been invited for motivational guest lecturers in various institutions.